Everything to Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy

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November 7, 2023

Have you heard of Hormone Replacement Therapy but are unsure of exactly how it works and who can benefit from it, you have come to the right place! Here at Thornhill’s Pharmacy, we are here to help you with all of your health needs, which is why we offer Hormone Replacement Therapy right here at our Texas pharmacy. To help you become more familiar with this medical practice, we’ve answered some common questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy:

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy, also known as HRT, is the practice of supplementing the body with hormones. This may include estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones. When the hormones your body naturally produces are out of balance, hormone replacement therapy can help!

How does HRT work?

Hormone Replacement Therapy works by replenishing hormones that are otherwise lacking in the body. By supplementing hormone levels that are lower than usual, HRT can lessen and even relieve the symptoms of low hormone levels. HRT can be administered in a wide variety of dosage forms, depending on the specific needs of an individual patient. Some of these dosage forms can include tablets, capsules, gels, and patches. Our team can recommend the best options for you based on your individual needs and preferences.

Who should consider HRT?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy is most commonly used to help treat women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, anxiety and mood problems, and more. By supplementing low estrogen levels, HRT can help to improve quality of life for women who are going through menopause. Additionally, HRT has shown many benefits for men as well as women, including increased energy, reduced body fat, and increased muscular strength. If you are dealing with challenges relating to low hormone levels, consider whether HRT might be a good choice for you!

Are there side effects of HRT?

While many people experience no side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy, some people might experience side effects like headaches, nausea, rashes, and cramps. However, the good news is that these side effects tend to improve within a few months of beginning treatment. If you experience side effects of HRT, just reach out to our team here at Thornhill’s Pharmacy and we can provide specific recommendations and advice.

Now that you know more about Hormone Replacement Therapy, you are one step closer to deciding whether this valuable medical practice may be the right choice for you. If you are dealing with symptoms of menopause or other issues relating to low hormone levels, find out more information about Hormone Replacement Therapy at Thornhill’s Pharmacy today and take control of your personal wellbeing!