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Allergy Kit

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All Clear - Mast cells, when triggered, can release a storm of histamine, leading to a cascade of symptoms. Unlike traditional antihistamines, All Clear works to stabilize those cells and prevent the release of histamine in the first place. 

NeilMed Xylitol Premixed Packets - Sinus rinses traditionally incorporate saline packets, but xylitol, a natural antibacterial, is included here. Hate sinus infections, right? Why not create an environment where it's difficult for pathogens to set up shop? 

Alkalol Nasal Wash - This old-school blend of natural ingredients, including menthol, gives an invigorating twist to sinus rinses. Expect to experience soothing relief from congestion, mucus relief and clean nasal passages. 

Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tablets - Our go-to for allergy flares. May cause drowsiness, but most patients do not experience that. Take as needed every four hours for sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and/or itchy throat. 

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